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Bag Design Handbook by Fashionary: review

Bag Design Handbook by Fashionary

Bag Design Handbook by Fashionary: review

Ad| Handbags are an essential part of our lives. Be it when going shopping, going out at night, or when travelling, you always need a bag. Men too tend to wear more and more bags, even if it’s only their workbag. The many varieties of handbags there are, which shapes, sizes and terms of uses as well as how they are being made shows the Bag Design Handbook from Fashionary.

If you are a handbag lover or a designer, interested in the different styles of handbags and want to take a look behind the scenes and to know how handbags are made, this book is the right one for you.

Overview of bags and its anatomy

The Bag Design Handbook starts with an overview of the various types of handbags and small leather goods, as well as it combines these with their respective history.

Bags & Small Leather Goods                         Historical & Folk Bags

A closer look is also set on details, such as handles, straps, closures, pockets, bag embellishments, and accessories.

Bag Details in the Bag Design Handbook

Further towards the end of the book there are shown 60 popular bag templates in multi-angle, professionally modified for the best tracing experience for handbag designers.

Sketching Handbags                        Sketching a Satchel Backpack

Secondly, the anatomy of handbags is presented and their referring measurements are shown in the last chapter of the Bag Design Handbook.

Anatomy of a handbag

Bag Making

This chapter contains the single steps of making a handbag, from raw leather to the final product. It also introduces the tools which are necessary to make a handbag – starting from general bag making tools over sewing machines, to leather bag making tools. Some of these I already presented to you in my last blog post. Handbag patterns for some bags complete this chapter.

Bag Making Tools

Bag Leathers and fabrics

The book continues with an overview of how leather is made – for this, you can also find an article on my blog, here – and classified. In this it covers the common leather types, beginning with cattle, calf and goat leather up to exotic leather. Fabrics and interfacings for bags are also shown.

Interfacing and Stabilizer for Bags

A Bag Spec Sheet and a Range Plan explain the details which are required for a professional handbag production.

Tips on bag care, a glossary, and an overview over bag books, blogs and fairs complete this Bag Design Handbook and make it a perfect companion for handbag lovers and designers.

Bag Care & Maintenance Instructions

If you are a reader from Germany you can buy the Bag Design Handbook here.

Coming from another country, the book will be available here.

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