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Belt bags from Russia

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Belt bags from Russia.

Ad| Actually, I don’t wear belt bags. But while collecting pins on Pinterest I discovered Maryand from St. Petersburg with its stylish belt bags and couldn’t help but had to take a closer look at them. The label was founded by artist and designer Maria Grabarnick and designer Andrew Grabarnick.

How do you define the style of your brand?

We call it “specific minimalism”. We refuse unnecessary things such as attempting to keep up with each fashion trend or to please a buyer. Therefore, our design is minimalistic but not primitive – this is the heart of our focus.

What kind of materials do you use for your belt bags and handbags?

We use genuine leather and suede – the perfect materials for making highly valuable things. Those materials allow us to combine industry traditions with modern customer requirements. Using genuine materials, we can be sure of their reliability and and how the material can be shaped, its plasticity.

Please tell us more about your belt bags.

We are very sympathetic to this type of bags, because of their free hands philosophy and we were so glad when the belt bag returned into mainstream fashion.

Both our belt bags models are dedicated to Russian cultural heritage. Apron bag is a tribute to Russian the traditional women’s costume, where an apron played a big role until the revolutionary events of the beginning of the 20th century.

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This compact belt bag has only one section and it is designed for easy walks. For when you want to take only the most necessary things with you, e.g. cell phone, keys, and credit card. It is more decorative.

The second belt bag – Aurora bag – is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution from 1917. Namely, the key event of the Revolution: the Aurora cruiser fired a single shot, but it was the signal to storm the Winter Palace and the subsequent overthrow of imperial power. The events that followed this shot changed our country forever and became the vector of its progress.

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Aurora bag is a pretty big roomy bag. It has many ways to be worn and may accommodate amazingly different things from a box of milk to cosmetic bag. It is more functional.

belt bags_aurora-belt bag red

Alongside the belt bags, you also offer other models. Which are they?

Our collection is quite varied; there are many different types of bag: tote bags and crossbody bags, handbags, backpacks and even satchel bags. We also accommodate some specific features of our market. For example, our customers like shoulder bags a lot(!), so we offer an optional strap for all bag types, even for tote bags.

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Your belt bags and other leather bags are currently sold in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Will they also be available in Europe one day?

Actually, we solve the problem by setting up the option of international delivery. By the way, we send orders to Europe on customer’s request, already. Within a month, we will launch an English version of our site to make the order process easier for our European clients.

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belt bags_backpack maryand red

Also at the moment, we are in search of retail partners in Europe, being in the stage of negotiations with a number of showrooms. We hope that the development of this direction will be successful.

More information about Maryand’s belt bags you can find on Instagram.

Another label from Russia, which produces backpacks can be found here.

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