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Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® – invented by nutritionists

Deepmello Rhabarberleder ®

Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® – invented by nutritionists

Ad| Recently I reported about leather tanned with olive leaves, so called Olivenleder®. Today I will introduce Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® to you. Therefore I talked to Dr. Anne-Christin Bansleben, CEO of Deepmello.

The german brand produces leather, handbags, small leather goods and fashion. Remarkable about this, is that all their leather has been tanned with rhubarb, as well as the fact that everything is made in Germany.

Anne, Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® has been born out of a scientific project at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. A group of nutritionists was researching on the topic of „rhubarb“. How did this project turn into a rhubarb leather production?

Behind Deepmello is a team of three scientists. The goal of our research has always been to work on fields which are applicable. This means that our products should ultimately produce products. With the rhubarb plant, we have been busy for quite some time since it has many interesting ingredients that can be used in a wide variety of options. Therefrom, we also knew that root contains ingredients that can theoretically tan leather. This provided the idea to tan leather. As a result, we developed the Rhabarberleder®, which we have been distributing worldwide exclusively since.

From the development to the finished leather we have been working for more than 4 years.

Soft cognac Rhabarberleder® by Deepmello

What is the outcome of this tanning method? How is the look and feel of this leather and what are its colours and its other characteristics? 

Rhabarberleder ® is a leather tanned with the ingredients of the rhubarb root.

By developing a special extract from rhubarb root, we aim to develop a unique and sustainable leather that can be used without hesitation, especially for chromallergists, sensitive people and even for babies or toddlers.

Our long-term research and careful post-processing enabled us to find a way to dispense with difficult-to-degrade substances in the tanning and dyeing of hides and to develop a leather that is in contrast to conventional leather, very biodegradable.

Soft sage vegetable tanned Rhabarberleder® by Deepmello

Rhabarberleder ® is manufactured in the same technical method than chrome leather. However, instead of the chromium salt, our extract is used in the production. We produce in Germany to 100%: Therefore, the tanning agent used for tanning is obtained from regionally grown rhubarb and we solely use skins from German cattle, for production. Lastly, the tanning and processing of the hides are carried out by companies from the region. Not only strengthens this the domestic economy, but is also saves resources.

The peculiarity of our leather is also in its characteristics. Due to our gentle manufacturing, the leather is endowed with a very special quality, which is reflected in the haptics, respiratory activity and a distinct scent.

By now, Rhabarberleder ® can be produced in 9 colours (black, champagne, mocca, gray, coral, desert, cognac, sage, blue).

Soft blue vegetable tanned Rhabarberleder® by Deepmello

Besides for your own needs, you also produce Rhabarberleder ® for other fashion brands like JOST, TRIPPEN or Hess Natur, as well as for automotives, yachting and interior design. 

All these sectors have different requirements to leather. Does rhubarb leather fulfil them all and how important are the synergies developing between the branches for your own fashion brand Deepmello?

Rhabarberleder ® can be used like any conventional leather. Therefore it can be used in all areas where conventional leather is used. In addition, we always develop a solution adapted to the costumer’s needs in close cooperation with them if necessary. An advantage for our Rhabarberleder® customers is that we have a wealth of experience with the material itself and know which leather suits which applications and can pass this knowledge right on during the consultation meetings.

What are your plans with Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® for the future and where do you see the leather industry in 2027?

Our goal is to be able to offer Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® to an even larger customer base. Here, we have mainly still “conventional” working companies in mind which are already looking for alternatives. We aim to assist them finding adequate solutions.

In addition, we are always further developing our leather. We company founders all have a scientific background and want to use this and our knowledge in this area, of course, to develop new concepts. We are currently working on launching new products which are also produced with valuable ingredients of the rhubarb so that the plant can be used even more strongly in the future.

You can discover more on Deepmello Rhabarberleder ® on this website.

If you want to get to know Deepmello as a fashion brand, on Bags Brands & Styles you can discover what their handbags look like.

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