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Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council

Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council - Rewarding emerging talent

Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council

Ad| The Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council was founded in 2015 in Hong Kong and is sponsored by a select number of influential, leading international design experts.

JAC is passionate about helping young designers to grow and develop their design excellence thus allowing them to express their own style and individuality.

I recently spoke with Mr. James Cheng – the Hon President of the JAC – about the future development and goals of the Council. Mr. Cheng gained more than 30 years experience in the world’s leading luxury goods groups including being former country head for China in the LVMH Watch and Jewelry department and Vice President in the Swatch group for Rado watch.

Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council - Mr. James Cheng, Hon President

Mr. Cheng, how was the idea of the Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council born?

We believe that the fashion jewelry and accessories industry has the power to enrich people’s lives and to contribute to making them feel happier and content. But our industry needs to attract more general attention, so that we can develop further and faster.

With that in mind, the essence of the Council is to provide a platform for emerging designers which gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world.

We also believe that through this platform, designers, manufacturers, companies, buyers, vendors, related bloggers, and journalists can have a communication channel and create a network through which people can share their ideas, get business opportunities, designers can find jobs and companies can find talents to work with.

Based on the above, we decided to found the Council and have ambitious targets to grow it rapidly through membership and events. We hope that we can be the most influential trade awards and council in the world within the next five years.

Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council - The hundred most influential award

How does JAC work and what is its aim?

The JAC Award is one key activity where people can get to know us, join us, and ultimately develop with us.

Our membership is founded upon creating a network where we compliment and can help each other.

Who is represented in the Council, ensuring the Council’s mission is delivered in the right way?

We have a number of board members, including top managers from the industry, Senior HR/manager from leading global companies, fashion bloggers and many other examples. They will individually and collectively bring their knowledge and experience together to ensure the Council’s mission is executed in the right way.

Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council - I design dreams

You plan to award young Jewelry and Accessories designers annually. For the leather goods and handbag sector, these three categories are especially interesting:

  • World Top 100 Fashion Accessories Designer Award 
  • World Top 100 Quality Fashion Accessories Manufacturers 
  • 30 Under 30 Fashion Accessories Designers

Please tell us more about the single categories.

We would like to find the most promising designers in general accessories, and they should be the representatives for the industry currently.

We would like to encourage manufacturers to pay more attention to quality and to influence that, we will recognize those who consistently offer good quality to their clients

We also aim to encourage junior designers, present opportunities to them to show their work to large companies HR, buyers… etc, and help them accelerate both their commercial and creative growth.

How do award winners benefit from their prizes?

Awards are given across several categories, including designers and our judging panel is made up of numerous distinguished industry professionals.

Entrants will have the opportunity for their designs to be included in the 2017 Yearbook and they will be interviewed by leading industry media such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Refinery29 and more.

We are delighted to have attracted a judging panel made up of some of the leading names in our industry from LVMH, Swarovski and Piaget. Their biographies are included on the website.

Thus, you can potentially gain further international recognition. We have also lined up coverage from 200 active and influential bloggers and several “A list” celebrities who will wear some of the winning entries for publicity.

For more information about the Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council and the „JA+ The 100 Most Influential Annual Awards“ visit the website.

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