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Kagino – classical handbags Grace Kelly would’ve fallen for

Kagino classical handbags: Current handbag collection black

Kagino – classical handbags Grace Kelly would’ve fallen for

Ad| My friend handbag designer Katrin Giordano launched her brand Kagino with classical handbags one year ago. Today, we are talking about her label and the experiences she’s made on her way.

Handbag Designer Katrin Giordano

Before Kagino, you were working as a designer for several bag companies and exploring the leather craft in Italy – which is also where we met each other. How have your work- and craft experiences influenced your future steps in creating Kagino?

Before starting Kagino I enjoyed many different aspects of a designer’s life at various companies. From sitting in a remote office, sketching and rendering new handbags, to working hand in hand with the sample makers at the sewing machine. However all these experiences were somewhat decoupled from each other.

Now all these aspects come together at Kagino and help me to create a holistic brand experience based on my former work heritage but also my time with the craftsmen in Florence, Italy. The passion, dedication and heritage of artisans in Tuscany is unparalleled and hence, I am proud to say that Kagino`s bags are 100% made in Italy.

What means quality to you?

Quality has so many aspects and only if taken care of from start to end will it make a holistic experience for the owner of a Kagino bag. Hence, most of my time is dedicated to ensure that approach: From the selection of the leather to the stitching process during production, to the final packing and order management of each item. It is important to me that Kagino has a personal connection to each partner in the whole creation process and that they share our passion for uncompromised quality.

Who is the Kagino-woman?

I would describe most of them as confident, vibrant and vivacious women. They are appreciating high quality classical handbags with timeless design with a wink of the eye, mainly due to Kagino`s colourful bag interior and some specific features which they appreciate.

Handbag collection by Kagino

Mimma, Lucia and Filomena – these are the bags of your handbag collection. Please tell me more about them and the other leather goods you offer.

The three bags together with the clutch Stella are our core items belonging to the current collection. They share similar classic design elements and have the same high quality base material. What makes each bag unique is it`s different desired wearing function – depending on the occasion. Many Kagino customers actually have two or more bags from our current collection like the Lucia bag whilst they are cycling to the office and the Mimma bag whilst joining a business dinner in the evening.

Clutch Stella cognac by Kagino

What are your lessons learned during your first year with your own handbag label?

That the learning continues…

Nevertheless, if I put in one sentence: It is about establishing trust. Trust between the Kagino brand and our customers, boutique partners, suppliers, fashion magazines and employees.

Handbag Mimma by Kagino

Which advice would you give young future handbag designers?

Stay focussed. Especially in the beginning, you can overload yourself with many tasks. Not all are of equal importance, so it takes a bit of time to figure out on which ones to focus first.

What are your future plans with Kagino?

Kagino will extend the product line by a new colour and two new classical handbags in 2017. In addition, we plan to try new, unique sales channels. I am a big fan of getting as close as possible to the customer. This gives you a huge opportunity to listen and at the same time, you can build confidence through rewarding moments with your customers.

More information about Kagino you will find on the website.

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