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Recycled leather – a sustainable leather alternative

Recycled leather – a sustainable leather alternative.

Ad | Seen in Berlin at the Green Showroom and in Paris at the Première Vision Leather, I came in contact with the brand Recyc Leather which produces recycled leather.


How did the founder Aron come to the idea of recycled leather?

Gaining 15 years of experience in the leather industry, Aron searched for sustainable alternatives to reuse leather waste.

Recycled leather has so far only been used as a filler for bags, belts, shoes and as a furniture trim because it is normally very brittle. His experience in manufacturing and design helped him to create a stronger and softer leather product out of recycled leather.

Aron has been designing, developing and testing recycled leather products for the last years. Through constant innovation and improvement, recycled leather has been developed.



How does the production process of recycled leather work?

The basis of recycled leather is made from industrial glove off-cuts and scraps of leather fibers which actually would go to waste. The other part is a mixture of latex or rubber, a natural binding agent from rubber trees as well as water and pigments.


For which kind of products can recycled leather be used?

At the moment it can be used for handbags, small leather goods like card holders, notebooks or accessories for the office and homes like organizers and storage boxes. Footwear and interior like rug tiles or wall panels are being tested in the next stage.

Our recycled leather is available in 12 styles of leather grain an in 27 colours. We also do custom made colours.


What is the vision of Recyc Leather?

We want to extend the circulation and use of leather waste and recycle domestic waste by building factories in different countries.


Where is your recycled leather Recyc Leather available?

Throughout our website, you can get in contact with us.

To get the best impression of our leather we recommend you to order our sample book, where you can get the best impression of the look and feel of our products in all different qualities.


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