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From automotive to handbag design – von Holzhausen

Handbag Design by designer Vicki von Holzhausen sketching leather handbags

From automotive to handbag design – von Holzhausen

Ad| The designer began her career in the automotive industry, working for Audi and Mercedes-Benz in Europe. There she won numerous honors and saw many of her concepts come to life. After returning to her native Los Angeles, she sought to change to handbag design and to create a new luxury label blending understated elegance, classic proportions, and the effortless ease of her California roots.

How did your former career in Automotive design influence your handbag design?

Automotive design taught me so much about the fundamentals of good design, proportions, quality, and most importantly, how to be innovative in my approach. It was an exciting place to start my career. Even though I truly enjoyed car design, I always longed to take the things I learned there and apply them to fashion.

I started with handbag design because, for me, handbags signify the ultimate iconic staple to every woman’s wardrobe.

Vicki von Holzhausen, who is the von Holzhausen Woman?

The von Holzhausen girl is elegant and confident, and doesn’t follow trends too much. She shops for quality, refined pieces. She stands out in a crowd by being minimal and subdued.

Tell me a bit about your design process. 3D shapes play a big role for you. What is it about?

By drawing and experimenting with these shapes, my collection comes to life.

My inspiration comes as I develop a theme. I find more unique ideas the more I experiment in my sketches and especially with 3D models since I build all the patterns for each design myself. Working through the design process is tough work, but it leads to unique solutions.

Many aspects are considered during the design process from understanding our customer, to deciding on sizes and proportions, to coming up with unique construction techniques. All these facets need to be worked through before choosing the final sketches.

sketches_3 Vicki von Holzhausen

Details, such as the leather, handles and painted edges play a certain role in the manufacturing of your handbags. Why?

Our craftsmen and women cut each bag by hand and care for every detail. Regarding the leather, I am very particular about the leather we choose because I believe that there should be no compromise between high quality materials and ethical materials. We took the time to find the best tannery that uses leather hides which are a byproduct of the meat industry so that no animal is killed for its skin. Our leather has also been chosen for its technical qualities so that it is a work horse with durability, resistant to scratches and stains, yet has a soft hand feel.

The handles are made from leather cording which we create and tie together with beautiful knots. The cords are cinched with wrapped leather as well, which serves as a hardware of sorts.

I’m obsessed with painted leather edges and ours are meticulously painted 7 times, giving the bags a really rich feel.

 Hand-stitched details down to our signature “v” complete each piece.
italian leather pieces for the von Holzhausen handbag collection

More about the von Holzhausen collection you can find on Bags Brands & Styles.






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