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Handbag pattern – essential for making a handbag

Handbag Pattern

Handbag pattern – essential for making a handbag

Besides the design and the leather, a handbag pattern is the foundation to a successful development of a handbag.

In pattern-making, you should consider the following steps:

  • make a sketch of your bag
  • calculate the measurements for your bag and provide the sketch with it
  • use paper for the pattern-making
  • draw each single piece of the bag on paper and be accurate with their measurements
  • number each part of the pattern, so you know where it belongs after cutting
  • respect the space for the stiching-lines and adjust it everywhere its needed
  • the pattern should contain all markings for zippers, studs, buckles, finishes, shoulder straps and every item you would like to have on the bag

Act like you were producing your bag already. The more precise the handbag pattern is, the more precise the bag gets.

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