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Maison Héroïne: Handbags for Héroïnes

Maison Héroïne_Bag black_golden closure - Photo credits by Sebastian Donath from studio neoncolour

Maison Héroïne: Handbags for Héroïnes

Ad| Berlin-based luxury brand Maison Héroïne introduces the first collection of its impeccably organised and exclusive fine leather handbags. All this at the convergence of timeless elegance and functional chic, they complement the modern woman’s lifestyle and her entrepreneurial spirit. Before the launch, I had the chance to a Q&A with the brand new label.

Maison Héroïne, you create handbags for women who „lead with grace“. What does that mean to you? 

At Maison Héroïne we are fascinated with the spirit of women today. Their lives are inspiringly multidimensional, running a business, a home and keeping their spirit alight. We see the market shifting as these busy, working women increasingly demand more solution-orientated products. We mean to satisfy their desire for an elegant, enduring and fully functional product. To meet their everyday challenges while not compromising on style. To complement strong performance and „to lead with grace“.

To lead is a decision, not a title. It speaks for every aspect of a modern woman’s life.

Your handbags combine timeless elegance and functional chic. Please tell us more about them. 

Yes, we explore functional elements in timeless design. Chic and function is what we do.

Women’s life styles have changed. It’s no longer important to have that status bag. However, style statements are important. And they always will be. Our handbags are timeless products that will still retain their elegance in years to come. They highlight professionalism and grace, and are practical at the same time.

Maison Héroïne_Marlene single-handle laptop briefcase

We created functional spaces for digital devices and female essentials. The front of the bags is firm and solid, featuring resistant leather with a smooth surface, while softer suede or gold cracked leather forms the expandable sides. These new shapes are encased in persistent, solitary colour combinations. Inspired by the shape of a classic briefcase, the collection blends architecture with artisanship. The contrast in material, colour and surface texture reflects the personality of the Héroïne: We believe every strong and sophisticated woman carries her intuitive and sensitive soul inside.

Functional chic – made for the modern female warrior. A classic offering destined for longevity.


Héroïne is the French word for a female „hero“. Who is she? 

A heroine is a woman, who in the opinion of others has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal. We believe every woman possesses heroic and attractive qualities. With the name Maison Héroïne we merge fashion and female empowerment. We encourage ‘to lead with grace.

At the 2017 NY Fashion Week, Mara Hoffmann for example invited the four co-chairs of the Women’s March to provide a feminist commentary to the show: „ … to amplify a greater message of feminism in a fashion space.”

At Maison Héroïne we’d like to say: „To amplify a greater sense of female confidence and grace.“

Maison Héroïne_Bag

Who is the team behind Maison Héroïne? 

We have both heroines and heroes in our core team based in Berlin. The brand is nourished by young creatives as well as experienced entrepreneurs. The product design and production takes place in Milan and Venice, to the highest quality standards. Our work is cross-disciplinary, striving for a strong and feminine identity, beyond the boundaries of conventional luxury.

When and where will your handbags be available? 

We are launching our website and pre-order sale on the first of March 2017. The estimated delivery dates will be between 1st of April and 1st of May 2017.

You can find more information about Maison Héroïne on the website, on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo credits by Sebastian Donath from studio neoncolour

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